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I am trying to install Yosemite on VirtualBox using the *.iso file. Here is the information of the virtual machine.





And when I go through the whole process of selecting the disk and all that, in the installation, it gets stuck at two minutes remaining.




This is not even my first attempt at installing mac, it always get stuck at this point. When I click with my mouse, the mac spinning beach call loading cursor shows up and never stops spinning.

I have seen other threads regarding the same issue. If you know what causes this problem, please do tell me and the rest who are facing this problem when trying to install Yosemite.



Thank You,

Invader Tom



|                                                                             |

|     Computer                                                       |

|     • Ram: 8GB                                                     |

|     • Processor: Intel® Core i5-2400        |

|          CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10 GHz                        |

|     • 64bit and x64 based processor                 |

|     • Windows 8.1 Pro                                         |

|                                                                             |




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Find solution at thread: https://www.hackintosh.zone/forums/topic/5064-virtualbox-yosemite-install-stuck-at-2-minutes-left/

I have followed to this to do my successful VirtualBox installation


Thank you for the quick reply! But the thing is, if you look at 


It says 40GB on the right for the Virtual Machine.



There are a lot of solutions in that thread, which one did you use?



Thank You,

Invader Tom

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I use 20Gb vmdk at Logical Volume for Virtual Machine disk


The impotent thing is:

After Inatallation halt at "Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.??????" reboot the system.

Start the system from harddrive installed yosemite not from image with -s flag for single user mode.

Go to the /.OSinstallsandBoxpath/Scripts/Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.?????? directoty and execute the ./postinstall script

Exit after completed and wait for login screen and login using root/niresh .

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