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Usb wifi not working

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Hi everybody, i've installed niresh's mavericks on my desktop ( i3-920 4gb ram ati 5750) but i have a lot of problems with wi-fi.

I've tried these 3 usb dongles : - asus wl167g-v3 (mac compatible as it says on the box)
- d-link dwa-140
-sitecom wla-2000 v1
Even installing the drivers with the cd they gave me with the asus, my pc recognizes the sticks in system info but into the network tabs in system preferences it says "asus wl-167g v3 (or the name of the other dongles) is not connected or the device is not responding". I've tried every kexts, drivers of the chipsets but nothing is working. The wireless utility app tries to open but stucks on the dock.

Please help me guys smile.png thanks

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yes i did, still not working. On the network tab appears the voice ASUS wl167g-v3 but when i connect the stick to the usb nothing happens, still telling me that it's not connected  (don't worry ;) )

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Got some news, now 5 minutes after i login the asus is loaded into the network tab, however it says "self assigned ip".  If i manually input ip address and subnet mask in the network tab the Yellow dot becomes green and says "connected" but i still have no connection. I tried to use the wireless utility, i'm able to add a profile of my network but it doesn't connect and often gets stuck.

It's a never ending story man :D

(This afternoon i'll try your drivers for D-Link, thanks ;) )

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I think it just always says connected when you manually enter your DNS settings. It does the same for my ethernet card. Sorry man, can't see the ASUS working on 64bit OSX.


Let me know how the D-Link goes :)

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    • A Question!   Does it work when i disable my Intel Graphic Card via Windows 10 Device Manager?  @Niresh @Niresh   Forget about my last Post! I used a config.plist from And it worked! I will try to Install it!
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      I have a laptop MSI GX70. Installed High Sierra a few days ago. Configuration of my laptop is:
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      Discrete AMD 8970M graphics card (0x68011002)
      8 gb RAM The big problem for me for now is to configure any of graphics card's my laptop has.  What I tried already:
      For now I'm successfully booting using config.plist with injectATI. Seems to be both graphics adapters don't exist in system kexts. So, I modified AMD7000Controller.kext and changed there 0x68101002 (AMD Radeon R9 270X, AMD FirePro D300, AMD Radeon R9 M290X) to 0x68011002 and placed modified kext using Kext Utility. While booted into Clover, I used Deinit for iGPU and Inject ATI for 0x68011002. So, for now I have a line with AMD 8970M at about my Mac window, but picture quality is still poor so it seems to be all the same, it doesn't work.
      Then I tried to do same things for iGPU - AMD 8650G. Modified kext AMD4800Controller.kext. Changed 0x944A1002 (AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4850) to my 0x990B1002. Inject ATI for iGPU - x990B1002 and Deinit for discrete. Same situation, poor quality picture, but unknown card at about my Mac window, "Display 7MB"). Also compiled DSDT, tried to disable discrete card, but may be I was wrong here - still no results. I'm newbie. Is it possible to get discrete card working? And if not, integrated? Please, help. I really have no idea already.
      Thank you!
    • thats a First gen i5 (the i5 650) but the APU? i'll give Sierra a try.  the last intel system i dug out one of the oddball Dual Core Pentiums,  the Legacy boot installer menu for Chamelion just halts w/ " :" or "/" mid"spin" i'll update w/ screenshots in alil while (i'll grab Sierra and while the USB stick's being written to going to get dinner here started as its atm of this post, 6:24PM EST)
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