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[SOLVED] Booting up I get a white screen after the apple logo.(solved Boot0 fix not working)

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I need help! :i've installed it on an hasell with the command  xpcm-free -v following this guide and the installation worked fine but when it rebooted to continue installing it freezed on a white screen that comed out after the apple bootlogo. After 1 hour i reset and i get boot0 error but when I installed chamelon on the usb (16gb) it booted up and i selected mac os but afrer some miliseconds the computer automatically reset. I' ve tryed with clover but it stop all time to RTC: only single ram ba and it not complete the world. What I've to do? I've a custom built pc with an i7490k, a tegra k200, 16 gb of ram (two banks of 8 gb) and a 2tb hd.

Sorry for my bad english.

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"rebooted to continue installing"?

There is no reboot to continue installing. Did you see the "successfully installed" screen, or did it just reboot?


NO, it finished installing and It automatically rebooted to make the user setup. I don't now If there was any text because I was in another room but i now that after it comed up the apple boot logo, after some time the screen started making a disturb noise and after other two seconds the screen blinked in black and it make white. I wait 1 hour but afrer i reset and when it was booting it comed out the boot0 error. But as I already telled in the first post the fix don't worked.

If can help I've an Asus z97-c as motherboard.

EDIT: I tried to reinstall os x in a partition smallest than 1tb (because in yosemite tutorial was written that can cause problems) and now it's booting the niresh bootloader (that I think is chamelon) but when i boot up os x I get the same problem: a black blink and then monitor sounds and a white screen.

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Boot in verbose mode (-v boot flag)

Thank you  :D  ! now all it's working but the graphics is very slow but I think I will do an other post for that.

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On 1/11/2015 at 6:51 PM, rhedges said:

Verbose mode is simply supposed to just log the output as you boot. Try booting without -v again and let me know if it boots.

Sorry if I not tell you but I already solved with this guide. Thanks anyway and sorry.

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    • Hello, First of all, I'm starting with my pc configuration,    Processor: Core i3-6100 Motherboard: G1 Sniper B7 with 8GB Ram. GPU: AMD Radeon R7 370 So, I want to make my PC in Hackintosh. Is it meet Hackintosh compatibility? And which version should I go with like( Sierra, High Sierra etc.) with Process? I need your help. Thanks in Advance                                                                                                                                                                             
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    • And about the SMBIOS, can you tell me about it?  cause, i dont know what is that for. and where can i find that thing? And the /haswell boot-arg, do i have to enter it everytime that i want to boot in Mac OS X? (Also thanks for the help about the graphics again.) (tries again) I tried t install but kernel panic. i ut the haswell boot flag and verbose mode. 
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