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Amd System uptime in nanoseconds 0 Help!


Hello I have recently gotten a virtual machine and I installed ubuntu and mavericks.  Ubuntu works but I have a problem with Mavericks.  When I load the boot command line in virtual box with : amd64, it loads up that says "System uptime in nanoseconds 0" and it has the loading apple logo background.  I have tried other commands lines and its a black screen that says the nanoseconds but no apple background.

Specs:Windows 7
Processor: Amd FX 8320 8 Core

Memory: 8 GB

System Model:GA-78LMT-USB3
Graphics: gtx 970

Please Help, Here is a picture of it: http://imgur.com/Io9Q2if

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@RandomnessThatsFunny Hmm, that first line is saying EFI not supported. You sure EFI is disabled for that virtual machine?

I is disabled, if it is possible we could set up a time with TeamViewer and you can control my computer to see what is wrong, if you want to

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