Dell Latitude E5510 Graphic Problems

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Hello everybody.

After succesfully installing a iATKOS ML3U on my main PC, I wanted to do the same on my work notebook, a Dell Latitude E5510.

The rocker refused at all to boot from the same USB I used for my PC. Therefore I've tried a Niresh 10.8.5 Uefi image.

Bootloader shows up, but no matter what combination of boot flags I use, it will ever show the welcome screen like the pic I've uploaded here


The PC has got this hardware:

-Intel i5 520m (socket rPGA 989 aka G1)

-Intel HM55 chipset

-Intel GM45 Graphics (dmidecode shows this, and actually Dell distributes this driver for Win OSes)

-2 x 4GB DDR3-1600



I know this has got eDP display cable. It's like the worst case ever, but on the net somebody managed to install some hackintosh stuff. I doubt they did a EFI installation though, but that doesn't really have nothing to do with graphic.


Do any of you have hints?

Thanks in advance.


*EDIT* Re-uploaded image

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