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Help! Niresh's Yosemite stuck at Mackintosh Zone boot logo


I am new to hackintoshing so please make the answer noobish  :P  ;)


I am trying to put OS X Yosemite on my


Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310

My processor is a AMD a8.


I am using the /amd64 flag at the chameleon boot loader, and it manages to get to the red Hackintosh Zone logo, but the progress bar does not fill at least a little. I have tried several other methods of putting Mac OS X on my pc, and a lot of them have had trouble with freezing during initialization. 


Here is the link to the tutorial I am using: 




Thanks  :)




I tried booting it with /amd64 -v to get the diagnostic messages and here's the point where it froze:


[ PCI configuration begin ]


Then my USB light went completely off and there's no response. 


Thanks again ;)

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Kirbyamdx64 How Did Fix It I Have The Same Issue, Ive Almost Everything  "("That Being like 2 things cus i don't know what the hell i'm doing")" Anyway What Did You Do ?


 -  Thanks! 

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Try this 

</LGA 2011: -v cpus=1 npci=0×2000 -v cpus=2 npci=0×2000>

It's work on my amd athlon x2 64

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