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[HELP] PS/2 mouse and Realtek ALC 1200 don't work
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First of all, here are my specs


CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
VGA: NVIDIA Geforce GT 520

Motherboard: ASUS P5QC
Chipset: Intel P45 Express / Intel ICH10R
Audio: Realtek ALC 1200

I installed Yosemite Zone without any problems, no stuck or boot flag needed. But in customize menu, I make some changes:

  • unselected boot loaders because I would use Multibeast later to install Chimera
  • in Graphics section i just left GraphicsEnabler=Yes selected,
  • unselected Audio auto-install because it won't work [Ethernet automatically install works, so I left this checked].


The rest of customize I left the default install options.


My PS/2 mouse won't worked on installation, so I used an notebook USB micro mouse just to install Yosemite.


After install, the system booted without any problems too, no flags needed. Graphics worked fine just with GraphicsEnabler=Yes selected and Ethernet too, and sound didn't work as expected, because I unchecked the Audio auto install. But my PS/2 mouse won't worked even with installation of PS/2 kexts default selected from Yosemite Zone install. 


After Yosemite Zone configuration ended, AppStore and iCloud fix, I waited for a few minutes just as mentioned, and them I rebooted the computer. 


Downloaded the 10.10.2 combo and installed it, rebooted again. [using USB chameleon to boot Mac partition]


After the system updated and booted again without issues, I downloaded Multibeast 7.2, and installed only Chimera and ALC 888 Audio kext [i read it worked on ALC 1200], again reboot.

Boot loader worked fine, so I unplugged my USB Yosemite Zone install and boot default from Chimera, but even if the audio kext is loaded, sound don't work [no device is recognized]


Them, trying to fix the PS/2 mouse, I moved all the 4 VoodooPS2 kext from Extensions folder to a /backup folder and installed the PS2 kext from the Multibeast 7.2, rebooted.

Again, PS/2 kext loads but mouse still don't work and after 5 minutes, it closes. 


Also, the USB mouse I'm using temporary, only works on the motherboard USB ports, if I plug it on my frontal USB port, it doesn't work.


All my USB are 2.0

So now I'm here, don't know what to do to fix the audio and PS/2 issues. I still need to fix power management too, but for now I try fixing the PS/2 and audio first.

Sorry for big text and bad english, I just tried to give most details I could to receive help.

Ps: I don't find any DSDT to my motherboard and I don't know if I will need to make one, so if I need to fix these issues, any help would be welcome.


Thanks for the help.



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