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Problem booting installer


nero    0

Hi all,


I'm trying to install yosemite zone 10.10.1 into a server not more used.


It have that hw:


supermicro PDSM+ )


Xeon 3210 quad core cpu )


6 GB of ddr2 667mhz RAM

( 2 * 2GB + 2 * 1GB )


An integrated ATI ES1000 video card , if I will need I will install a better gpu later , mb have a x8 slot so I can put in a GT730. )


I've tryed a lot of combination of all flags possible: 

npci=0x2000 , npci = 0x3000 , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1 , -x , -f 


But in every case it Hangs without opening graphical install , when hangs nothink works , also caps lock on keyboard don't power on/off the led.


From the bios I've set ahci and enable nx like some guide says.


Here is a screenshot of the problem:




Does anyone have an idea to solve the problem ?


Thank's in advance,






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nero    0

Hi , I will try with 10.10.0 , ATI ES1000 is integrated on mb so I can't disable it until I put another video card that for now I don't have.

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