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    • Help with Intel G530 graphics @Niresh I need your help please! On my desktop computer I have an Asrock H61M-VS mobo with Intel Celeron G530 CPU and integrated graphics. The only successful Hackintosh installation I’ve ever done is the one with your Sierra distro 10.12.3 in which graphics works perfectly. I wanted to ask you what did you put in your distro to make also G530 integrated graphics working. With every other way to install Hackintosh on a pc I’m unable to get to the installer as I’m stuck in verbose mode due to unsupported graphics. Please answer me, thank you so much!
    • Yes truely its possible to upgrade its kinda hard todo because if you have AMD Proccessor you need to wait until niresh releases a new hackintosh distro. and then make a backupwith time machine and install the newer mac from usb and then you will be asked to have your old data back from windows machine or from your old mac version which if you choose from mac all data will be copied to your new sierra from yosemite so you don't need to lose any data or backup everything on a different usb drive and then use time machine to recover files from usb if its possible because i never use time machine. If you don't want to recover any data then just click on configure as new mac. And it is safe to download app store updates if you have a good intel processor if you have amd you need to use a custom kernel which somebody has patched.   Just search on google with this search term: (example) hackintosh sierra amd patched kernel update 10.12.6 is the latest or you want to update yosemite to 10.10.5 search for update patched kernels amd 10.10.5   https://www.google.nl/search?q=amd+kernel+patched+hackintosh+yosemite+10.10.5&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiv5teI6ZzVAhUMmBoKHaHrAkQQ_AUICSgA&biw=1920&bih=925&dpr=1 Here is the search term i already have for you if its only what you need the search term i used =: amd kernel patched hackintosh yosemite 10.10.5 Or find on youtube a good video how to upgrade a hackintosh yosemite to sierra
    • Loos like a kext eror or a missing dependencie try to boot with -x for safe mode it disabled dangerous kexts to boot mac without issues and maybe by updating or find another or delete the highlighted kext that is causing a kernel panic   try also when you setup the mac try also with: -v -x xcpm kext-dev-mode=1 maybe that should initialize all kexts. Mostly a kernel panic will come if a kexts is required for booting the system is corrupted, missing or you must to update the kext because its outdated or you need to downgrade the kext to older version using kext wizard doesnt matter to install older or newer kexts supported for your lapotp model or desktop and the right mavericks so your system could boot normally.   i looked up for ya the patched kernel you use i think its not supported with your cpu and i think that will only cause more problems.   Bronzovka's (A.K.A. Bronyas) 10.9.0 mach_kernel_rc7     AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 AMD Opteron™ Processor 3350 HE AMD FX-8320 AMD FX-8350 AMD FX-8150 AMD Athlon™ X2 340 AMD Phenom II X4 955 [Black Edition] AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Intel Paxville Xeon DP AMD A8-4500m APU Others (Maybe others like i3 i5 i7 maybe not pentium D) im not sure but try to use the vanilla way. And the kernel extensions one of them are faulty. Like it says kernel extension in backtraces. i think you found your problem by download and replace the corrupted com.apple.kec.CoreCrypto kext which maybe can be found in /System/Library/Extensions so first try to reinstall from usb with original niresh kernel dont use amd kernel because you have intel and after it says installation complete... restart ETA like 10 seconds click restart you see a chameleon bootloader so as you mentioned in your problem then try -v -x xcpm npci=0x2000 dart=0 then setup the mac and reboot without -x  see if that works.    
    • Only if you have 2 partition or 2 hard disk because Sierra and yosemite includes the same folders for system files like application there within safari etc utilities it will overwrite so you have to install it on a different hard disk or shrink/split your volume in 2 partition so just split 1 harddisk in 2 partitions   BTW: You need to search the tutorial (how to partition 1 hard disk in 2 partition for hackintosh etc....) it doesnt matter which search term you use you got to search it on google bc im not gonna advertise other tutorials for sites maybe you can find a tutorial on https://hackintosh.zone look in the forums there is something useful in here.
    • Use another tool or wait for a update or just do it like terminal way and then install uefi clover or legacy boot mode so hard shouldn't it be.  
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Gfx cards not working (GTX 650 and 960)


Hello. I successfully got Niresh's Yosemite build on an AMD for the first time (yay!) using an Asus M5A97 LE 2.0 and an AMD Athlon II X4 630. At the same time I'm also trying to get a new video card working on my main system, a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 w/ intel i5-2400. The current system uses an EVGA GTX 650 2 GB card and runs TonymacX86's software successfully (both Mavericks and Yosemite install - Yosemite shutdown issues). I recently purchased a Gigabye GTX 960 G1 gaming video card and am running into issues with it on both boards.


Issue 1 - I was using the GTX650 to install Niresh on the AMD board (Asus M5A97), but eventually wanted to use the GTX960 (since I'm having issues on my main board, but at least want to see if the issue is because the card is too new or some incompatibilities with the niresh installer). I was able to install it successfully, but has to use the flag "npci=0x3000" to get past the PCI Configuration begin saga. When I do, graphics are very slow, and the profiler only shows a 7 MB card instead of 2 GB.

I looked at many threads and know to use the nVidia updaters for the current graphics systems, and that the 10.10.3 update should fix a lot of issues. I was able to upgrade to 10.10.3, but at the boot disk selection screen and selecting my hard drive, it would look like it would boot, then it would shutdown. No flag I tried would fix it. I also read in a few places that I should set my machine as a MacPro5,1 which I did.


Issue 2 - I was able to reinstall Niresh's Yosemite again to the same drive while the brand new GTX 960 was in the Asus M5A97. I was able to get Yosemite reinstalled, but am leaving it at 10.10.1 for now. I also see I have very bad graphics, and this time at only 3 MB (with the GTX 960, what-what-whaaat?). I know there are other flags like nv_disable=1, nvda_drv=1, and dart=0. They have worked, but no matter what I still can't seem to get full graphics. because of the issues the first time I'm hesitant to try the 10.10.3 update.


Issue 3 - I have Mavericks installed on my main machine (Z68AP-D3) but was using an external USB hard drive (WD My Passport) to hold Yosemite using UniBeast and MultiBeast (Im using a UEFI, so I don't need a DSDT). With the GTX 960 graphics card, I would have to enter "nv_disable=1 -x" when booting to either drive. Using trial and error, sweat and tears, I was also able to get the external Yosemite drive updated to 10.10.3 along with the latest graphics, but I still have to use the ""nv_disable=1 -x"" flags which result in slow graphics and only shows 7 MB rather than 2 GB. What can I do to get the graphics cards working to their full potential?


I'd rather have the GTX 960 in my main machine, and have no preference as to using Niresh's or tonymacx86s install methods, but really whatever is more stable. I lean toward Niresh's because I put it on another drive earlier to test and was able to get a complete shutdown, whereas using the tonymacx86 method, the hardware would motion that it was shutting off, but the lights and fans remained on. I would want to use the GTX 650 on the AMD board where my current Niresh Yosemite is at, but also have the same issues with the graphics slowdowns.


PS. Also, where does one get the NVidia installer (shown in the screenshot below)? I came to the conclusion that it was only available on Mac Pros, which is why I changed my system definition on both the my Passport Yosemite and AMD board hard drives, but neither system shows the control panel to enable this. My i5 does not have on board graphics, and I don't know if my AMD Athlon has on board graphics or not. I prefer to use video cards instead. Thanks for your help!



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Thanks for this info man. I've actually tried using a GTX 650, and currently trying GTX 960. Unlucky huh! This will really help me out to getting it installed. I'll post when I get it working on the 960 (I will.). Hopefully it'll help you out!

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I too have a msi gtx 960 i want to get working as soon as i can even get my post to boot first lol, but do you have the unofficial web driver installed from nvidia? Thats what i plan on doing. For 10.10.3 here, 10.10.1 here, I don't believe there's GTX 960 support for the 10.10.1 version but 10.10.3 and up there  apparently is. If your unsure go here. So an update might be required in order for you to get full/more hardware acceleration of the gtx 960. Just make sure flags are still as appropriately used when needed, such as the nvda_drv=1 and maybe also try GraphicsEnabler=yes. Im gonna test this myself and post back results. 

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