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Daniel Conte

Yosemite - Graphics 270x Dual X - Black screen and cursor stuck

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Hi guys, sorry for my english.

PC Component:

Sapphire 270x Dual x 4gb ( With HDMI output )

Amd fx 8350

8gb Ram

Asrock 990fx extreme 3

So the problem is this:

First i had a Hackintosh (Mavericks)

I used it for videomaking and other video thing...

Now i want to upgrade Final cut to the last version.

For do that i MUST install Yosemite.

So i tryed to install but i have one issue.

I think is graphic card

So: I installed yosemite, try to boot it with CHAMALEON with varius bootflag: -v npci=0x2000

When I boot the os, after verbose the monitor go off and it stay so.

If I try to boot with ( -v -x npci=0x2000 and GraphicsEnabler=No ) It boot with safe mode and without Graphics acceleration.

So I tryed to boot with clover and Amd kext, but after verbose the monitor is black with cursor.

How i can boot with Graphics acceleration? Someone have any solution?

Thanks (Y)

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