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Hey guys this is my first time installing a hackintosh. Below are my hardware informations


Processor: AMD A8 (64-bit)
Ram: 4.00 GB
HDD: 500GB
Graphics card: AMD Radeon R5 graphics (2GB)=(2.00)
Company of my laptop: Lenovo
Model number of my laptop: Lenovo G50


So, my problem is that I tried installing OSX-Mavericks by putting the .dmg file on my pendrive with the help of Win32DiskImager. Then I tried using different flags like:


1) USBBugFix=Yes -x -v
2)USBBugFix=Yes -x
3)USBBugFix=Yes -v
4)amd64 -v
5)amd64 -x
6)amd -v
7)amd -x
9)-x etc


but I am only getting either a white screen with the apple logo or the screen that is shown in the picture I have attached. I am unable to install the mavericks on my laptop.


Kindly help me troubleshoot this.
Thanks in advance

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