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Keep getting an error when trying to boot Yosemite Zone into VMWare Workstation on an Intel Core i7

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Ok this has been quite annoying, I've managed to get the full install and boot working and was able to use the OS just fine the first time round so I know it definitely works.  I stupidly didn't take a snapshot when I got it working then made a change which borked the system and I've had to rebuild.

Now when I rebuild, it installs just fine, however now when I try to boot it gets past the hackintosh zone loading screen but now always dies with a grey screen and error symbol.  I've deleted everything and rebuilt three times now with the same problem.  I've attached a screenshot of the error.

I've read other people saying to start in verbose mode (-v) and view the error log, however I've no idea where I'm meant to type -v or view the log as it just boots straight into the hackintosh screen.



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Hi did you delete the iso that you were performing the installation from?

If yes, just load the iso again and next time you will fire up your virtual machine it should load the bootloader. Choose to boot from your drive and use -v... Most probably you will need to use more bootflags in order to overcome the error.

Hope this helps


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