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Boot0ss error and Stuck on loading Hackintosh Zone logo



I was installed Hackintosh Yosemite 10.10, using chameleon. My laptop is coming with Haswell CPU, so I used /haswell boot flag and appeared PAUSING 5 SECONDS error message after that Hackintosh Zone logo was appeared and I installed it correctly on my free space 200GB HDD. After installing it was restart but when rebooting an error is Boot0ss:error. So, I tried to boot from Pen Drive and select Yosemite installed  partition I tried to start it using many boot flags but whatever I tried the error message showed as Attached. Everybody of my brother please help me.

My laptop is.....

lenovo Z40-70, Intel Core i5(haswell), RAM 4GB, HDD 1TB and Windows 10 is already installed. Now my laptop is not boot without Pen Drive.image.thumb.jpeg.6b711c9f25512d644379ce0


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