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ethernet card driver compared with Kext

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Hi. I installed nirwsh 10.9 on amd. it works well. it did not see my in built ethernet and two usb wifi and one usb adapter to ethernet. several hours installing and killing drivers. 

solution: i will buy another ethernet usb adapter.

question: if the thing that i will buy, has a driver for an original mac os, do i still need to search and find a kext for it to make it work under the hacked version of os?

or i can assume, it it is going to work under original os, its driver is supposed to work under hacked os as well?






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problem solved. Ethernet works. I bought an apple Ethernet to USB adapter. it did NOT work. I downloaded the driver for its chipset from ASIX. then it worked well. and you should change the full duplex with flow, to (only full duplex) then it is working well. I am using it with 10.9. next step is upgrading to 10.11 and see how it goes. if you get that adapter of apple, then here is the driver:    apple adapter model number is this: A1277  and it does not need any additional Kext for hackintosh. the ASIX driver will do all the tricks itself.

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