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Unmesh Sawant

problems mouse and keyboard

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i have reached the scree to select the drive and thats an acheivment for me and a green signal that 64 bit is compactible :D  :) but problems facing with hardware  (i.e keyboard and mouse i use keyboard and a ps2 mouse becoz i broke my usb mouse ) :(


now i cant move the moue to utilities to format drive pls pls pls take me out of this :unsure::(

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I never try with a ps2 mouse so i cant really help on this issue...But u should save up money for a usb mouse they cost only $5 dollars :)

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hey guys thank you very much for your support i hav found a way to use keyboard commands and install osx 

But you know after a big problem teirs again one troubling me 


when i was installing osx after "raching a minute left" it shows theirs a krnel panic

 No support for running lion on amd 

you hav to fix thos foblem yourself 


this shit is comming i tried twice but problems in ending plz help guys 



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