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OS X see only 3 MB of vRAM, but I have 512MB.


Hello! I installed Yosemite Zone on my computer, I fixed the resolution to 1600*900, and i got a problem. My AMD A4-5300 APU has an integrated GPU, what is Radeon HD 7480D. I can't find any kexts for this GPU, but my Hackintosh is buggy because of the low vRAM. How I can fix it? 

Thanks for the help! :)

Sorry for the bad english!

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Unfortunately the news doesn't seem to be good with our Radeon GPUs. Currently, I believe that Radeon GPUs are not supported by Macs nor Hackintoshs'.

From looking all over the internet for kext file to patch the problem but so far no luck. After attempting to use the integrated graphics on my motherboard, I have only been able to secure 3mb VRAM and still looking at boosting it to at least 64mb! - Preferably more than that!

I'll let you know if I come across an update --- hope this has helped a little even if it is a few months late. 

Cheers, Theo

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