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i have successfully installed Niresh 10.9 Mavericks but I removed my Windows 8.

I have tried to install Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Usb stick, but when I boot with it.. nothing happens.

I have my hard drive partitioned, because i want a Dual Boot.

And I cannot choose Uefi mode or something in BIOS.


Can someone help me?


P.S. Sorry for my bad english(I am German).



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hi i have a thread here that might help. from what i've been told if dual booting 7 or 8/8.1 and os x install 7 or 8/8.1 first then osx. in my case i'll be installing 7, 8.1, and osx mavericks. hope this helps.

Good ,thank u for helpin him

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The dude I dont undestand this..

I want only to know on what i have to partition on my USB Stick (Fat32, Mac OS X Extendet, NTFS, ...).

And i want to know how i have to set my Bios settings.. I have never seen AHCI or UEFI there...

Can someone help me?

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good morning. uefi is a bios type.  if your just going to install 7 don't worry about the ahci versus ide mode in your sata settings since you already have maverick installed.  as far as your partition for 7 format it ntfs and set it to primary not logical.  once you have the format on the partition rightclick the partition and select modify and set it to active.  you can use partition wizard's boot disk to do this.  just download the iso and use whatever program you prefer to burn it to a cd.  from what i've been told for what i want to do i need to do 7, 8.1, and then mavericks in that order.  i'm assuming that's because there's a chance windows might balk at the unknow partition you have for osx and give you trouble.  anyway i hope this helps.

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    • Hi, i tried to install high sierra on my hp computer, i created the partition on windows, i copied the sata-100-unssuported.kext to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other but my intel SSD does not show up at the disk utility at all, my bios does not have options to change sata to ahci or any other option, and i read something about mbr patch which i dowloaded but there is no guide on what to do with it, any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
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    • To me it sounds as if he/she installed MacOS on their PC without understanding what they are doing, since they are asking to return to Windows 10.   My thought was, to allow them to start over with the installation, but with help from the thread.
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