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Fresh install on AMD system sucessful (kinda). Now what??


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Hello folks


I'll start by listing off my system:



CPU:  AMD A10 7870k APU

8gb HyperX 1866MHz 2x4gb ram

Crucial BX100 500gb SSD


So, I have successfully installed the Niresh Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 and I only needed to add the npci=0x2000 flag to do so. YAY!! Anyways, I set it up, made an account, let it do the background configuring when it first reaches desktop. Luckily the all-in-one tool found here worked to get my Ethernet and Audio running, now just need graphics

So, yeah it's booting and working now, to a point. Here are my current issues now:


-No graphics driver  (system is wrong resolution, super glitchy, and just messed up)

-It all just feels broken, slow, and full of glitches. (absolute torture to try and use)


So what now? I have a basically crippled Yosemite machine. How do I go about getting my graphics running?

I do recall seeing kexts available for the Radeon R7 250 (which is what is on my APU), but no idea what to do with them, I tried installing  with kext wizard, but it did absolutely nothing. Tried installing them with kext utility, no go. 



Also, what else do I need? I feel like i need way more than just a graphics driver


If someone can help me out or point me the right way, i'd REALLY appreciate it!




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