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Hello? Auto-logged in, never been here.



I assume this is the best place to post about this kind of problem (an issue with this site), as "information" seems like a broad place.
I apologize if this is a common scenario or anything, but I don't know what search terms to use to tell if anyone's had this same issue with the site.


I have never been to "hackintosh.zone", I came here from this link:


Yet, I saw "Welcome to mariopg2014!" at the top of the page, and said that this account was generated four minutes ago, I think.  There is an email address in the account settings that I have never seen.


I doubt there is automatic account generation / login anytime anyone visits with no login (accounts are granted for anonymous users?), because the password in the account settings is blurred, so I will be locked out once I log out, I imagine.


My email is    themann4567@gmail.com      if anyone has anymore questions.


EDIT: will check back here too from time to time.



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