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Yosemite is moving very slow


Hi Hackintosh community. I come here with a problem. My Yosemite is moving really slow ... I uninstalled the graphic kexts from boot with "grafix backup all" and i was expecting the os will move slow, but after i installed the multi-beast and put some kexts, it is still slow working... My specs:

Cpu : Intel i3 4130 Haswell

Video : Msi Nvidia Gtx 750ti

Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2

Ram : 4GB

I've read somewhere (on apple forums) that yosemite moves crappy with just 4GB ram and i think that this can be a cause ... Another one can be the graphic card which is dedicated one and maybe not supported... Strange is that my monitor doesnt show anything when i start my pc(when it is off, my monitor says to me that there is a cable connection to a video card). I have in BIOS enabled the support of the integrate graphics card.

So, are there any chances for making Yosemite run well? Or should I give up?

Thanks in advance :)!

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