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Cloning of System Drive
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Okay ... I've got Yosemite installed on a Kingston 120Gb SSD-Disk .

I want to make a bootable clone of it to a Legacy-IDE-Disk .

I've tried SuperDuper, Clonezilla and Macrium Reflect Free ...

They've all managed to clone the (working) OS X System drive, that I have on the Kingston SSD . (And SuperDuper even says it made the destination drive bootable .) .

But ... when I try to boot off of the clone all I got's a top-left blinking cursor on the screen .

So after all the waiting the clone's not a full working /bootable clone at all .

Now ... Tell me, what am I missing here ... ???

In addition how to make the OS X System Drive boot automatically to the GUI ?

now as I turn my Hackintosh on it goes to this stupid menu, where I manually have to select the Disk / Partition / OS, that I want to boot into .


My System Specs ;

Asus P5Q Quad Core, 8GB Kingston RAM

 Kingston 120Gb SSD System Drive / Mac OS X Yosemite (that I'd wish to clone to a Legacy-IDE .)

nVIDIA GeForce 8400GS DualPort Display Adapter .


HELP !!!

- zergei W -

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