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When installing EL Pwn Version, this is where I stuck
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salam aziz


az kodom version el estefadeh kardi ??

baraye nasb faghat bayad az V 10.11 ba build number 15A284 estefade


ba flag zir boot kon

-v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 ya 1

CPU chi dari ?

man in error ba unibeast dashtam valy vaght MacPwm HC zadam eyne benz dare kar mikone ... b

ba hamon flagi neveshtam boot shod bedon moshkel

tanzimate bios ro bayad ba deghat anjam bedi ...

in error marbote ba bios ham mishe

VT-D : Disable

Intel Virtual tesh : Enable

Sata mode : AHCI

USB Config : Leagacy

Secore Boot : Other OS

Intel XHCI : Auto

EHCI Handoff : Enable

HPET : 64bit mode

age ghabiliat HPET nadare mainboradet ba flag zire mitoni faalesh koni :


Soali Bood Dar Khedmatam



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