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10ge NIC for


10ge NIC for

Hi all.

I have an hackintosh which I'm trying to connect to a 10ge network but I can't find a working 10ge card.

iSCSI compatible would be small tree or ATTO. Do you have any suggestions, please?


My specs:

Hackintosh (5,1) runningMavericks 10.9.5

2x E5-2620 v2 Intel 8Core Xeon 2.10GHz 15Mb

4x 8GB + 4GB Empty = 32GB1333MHz DDR3

GeForce GTX 680

2x GeForce TITAN Black

128GB SSD Boot Drive(Macintosh SSD)

2x 500GB SSD

Partition Raid 0 (Working SSD)

2TB HDD (Holding HD)

1TB HDD (Write Drive)
BMD Decklink 4K Extreme


Thank you

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