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Pink screen on logon in El Capitan using two displays


Pink screen on logon in El Capitan using two displays

Hi for all,

I have one Hackintosh with Iatkos EC 10.11.5 installed with Radeon R9 270x and yesterday i take one second display to work together, but i have problems when i turn the second display on graphic board.

In the fisrt time all things work, but when i made some configurations to use the displays some blank screens appear and now when i boot with the second monitor pluged on board the system stay with one pink screen on the main display.

I need to know if have one procedure or utility to clean the configurations of displays and graphic board on OSX, because i believe if i clean the displays configurations on system it turn back work.

My board is one R9 270x but the system recognize it a Radeon HD 7xxx 2048 MB.

Thanks for all in advance and i hope someone can help me with this.



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