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The selected 128 RAM configuration is not supported for the HD4000
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The selected 128 RAM configuration is not supported for the HD4000

Hi there,

I already installed the OS X Mevericks on my Acer Laptop. The installation seems to be succesfull but there is a problem when i restart my Laptop and when i really want to use the Mac System now. When i click on my Macintosh Partition, where OS X Mevericks 10.9. is installed i get an error. It says "The selected 128MB RAM configuration is not supported for the HD4000". I don't know how to fix it cause i can not change my video memory in the BIOS, it is an unchangeable value. I have already tried many different Boot Flag combinations but nothing worked. Does anybody know if there is a possibilty to specify the video memory? Or does this mean that my Laptop is incompatible with OS X?

Here my technical Laptop specification:

- Intel Core i5-3230M

-Intel HD 4000

-NVIDIA GeForce 710M with 2GB dedicated VRAM

8GB DDR3 Memory


I would be very thankful for hints and helps. I hope anybody can help me.


Kind regards!

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