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Scott Fandel

Noob with question

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I have always found the niresh builds excellent and now have an issue that I can't locate a thread in the forums so please bare with me if I missed it.


I have the want to triple boot Mavericks from Niresh and Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 7 64 bit on the same hard drive partitioned for each.  My issues are I would like Windows 7 to be the default OS on boot using Chameleon and that leads into my other question.  How do I get Chameleon to be the only bootloader and how do I change default OS and how to get themes into it so it looks cool?


Please don't shoot me for asking these questions but I am new to multi booting a Niresh build.




bman1096 :)

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ANSWERS:1- For triple Booting You can check the guide section theres a Step by step Guide made by Deepak2- You get chameleon to be the only bootloader if you only install chameleon Bootloader to the macOs Partition.(And also by installing chameleon you will have the option to boot between eatch os)3-and to get themes into chameleon to look cool,you get an app called Chameleon wizard witch letsYou into Themes and more into Chameleon BootloaderWell i hope i could answer all your questions :)

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Ok here is where I am at:


Have installed Niresh fine and it all works

Installed Windows 7 to second partition and it boots fine and works

Installed Ubuntu 13.10 to third partition and then needed iBoot CD to boot into it and fixed MBR with gptsync

Windows now boots fine again

Now the issue is when I go to Manage and then Disk Management and right click on the Mac partition to make it active the option is greyed out so I can't make it active to get Chameleon.

I then tried downloading a linux based partition boot cd (1 is gparted and the other is something else) and use either to make the Mac partition active and then reboot and now I am at a black screen with a blinking cursor and nothing else.



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Got it figured out.  Had to boot through the Linux Grub into Mac and resetup Chameleon with the Chameleon Wizard and now all 3 are on the bootloader and all boot and Windows is my default OS.

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