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Clevo [I7-6700HQ] Install Problems


Clevo [I7-6700HQ] Install Problems

Hey Guys!
I´ve working with a lot of Windows Systems, some unix Systems, Raspberry Pi etc.... 

Now i would like to install my first Mac OS on my Hyrican Striker 1550 Laptop.


Hardware Specs:
Intel Core I7-6700HQ, 16Gig Ram. Intel 530 Iris, GTX 1060 (not supported, i know), Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 (not supported), Mainboard P65-67RSRP
I´ve got 2 x 256GB SSD, i planed to use my evo 850 for MacOS ...
I´ve downloaded Sierra Zone and prepared the stick via Transmac. worked fine

Reboot and start from usb stick worked also fine

Prepared the ssd in gpd and journaled Mac OS .. worked fine

now i start install on SSD... He start copying files... 13 min round about

after that sometimes he said complete... but after restart to start installation, he just boot into windows 10

if i start from usb, there´s an option to start from ssd... when i click to that option, he just jumps back to bios...


I´ve no idea how to do it better... normally, i´m not a noob, and i´ve tried about 2 weeks different things..

is my hardware compatible or am i just to dumm ^^


please help

and sorry for my bad english :(


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The boot-loader may not have been installed correctly, make sure your bios settings are correct

If possible erase whole harddisk as GUID and install or try selecting Chameleon legacy as boot-loader that may work

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    • Hi! I trying for install Hackintosh Sierra Zone to my MSI GP62-6QE laptop. I made an bootable usb with Transmac using .dmg file. Booted with default kernel flags + cpus=1. I selecting my install disk and next, 2 seconds later i giving this error. My system: MSI GP62-6QE i7-6700HQ GTX950m+Intel HD 530 (1920x1080) 8GB RAM MS-16J5 board.
    • I have Niresh Sierra installer on USB hp224w 16GB, I used to create this. Niresh Mountain Lion 10.8.5 already installed on my Acer Aspire 4738Z and I want to update to Sierra. Boot to USB, Apple logo with black background and progress bar show. But when installer load and progress bar start to fill, my Laptop quickly reboot and show something like image below. I don't have idea what problem cause this.
    • hey so ive got an HP dv7, 64-bit, with an AMD A6-3400M Radeon and 8gb ram and I've installed mac os yosemite onto VMware Player 12. Everything went well but the mouse is offset. The distance varies on where the mouse pointer is, like if the mouse is in the middle of the screen then the mouse is off a little bit but anywhere left or right of the screen its pretty far off of where the pointer actually is. I've looked everywhere and I've seen people say to type this: editpreferencesinput "optimize mouse for games" = always, but no one is saying where. Plus i think this command would be for VMware Workstation. I had installed VMware Tools onto yosemite but that didn't do anything. I have also installed a beamoff tool so that the os isn't so slow. And i have unchecked the "override high dpi scaling behavior" box and that did nothing. I'd really appreciate the help, i have been stuck on this issue for days. Thanks
    • I'm also stuck on it. I'd been "there" before. But he had solved by doing several random tests.I had used a Shanee's sierra_v4.dmg. Today, not even one solution dmg gives me a positive result. I always have a perfect boot, but it stuck me there in the list of languages. I have this same problem in the Sierra and High Sierra. I think it has some connection with the way they create the installer. When I accompanied them to create the image I noticed that they did not use the official installer of the High Sierra. They use the same (faulty) installer they created for the Sierra. I know the Shanee V4 version worked then and I had used SierraZone just to boot and use the Shanee image.
    • Hello Niresh. i have been having trouble installing os x on AMD e2 7110 APU i was wondering if you could help on compatability status to see if i can install any of the os x isos in your site so please help.   Please do not delete this. I understand if you do. From:Fazewolfalpha
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