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Strange Mouse and Keyboard Actions

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Strange Mouse and Keyboard Actions

I have Sierra 10.12.4 up and running using the Hackintosh Zone image.  Everything works great, but my mouse and keyboard act strange.  When I left click on an item from the Dock a menu pops up as if I had right clicked.  Also, menus from the top bar won't stay open unless I hold the left click down.  The mouse functions seem to work properly in programs and browsing with Safari.  As for the keyboard, when you are at a place to input and/or type..  The dash blinks extremely fast and when you type a letter it will usually repeat and bring up a menu above the letter to change it to another type of font or character.  I am also not able to repeat letters if I hold down a letter while typing.  Also, spaces will randomly occur while typing so that you will need to backspace to correct.  Any help with this issue would be appreciated.  I have tried different ports, mice, keyboards, and changing usb settings in the bios to no avail.  I am currently working on creating vanilla Sierra installer drives to try and reload to solve the issue.

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Thanks for getting back to me.  I ended up figuring out what was going on.  7700k wasn't being recognized properly.  Installation of the proper fake id and other steps solved my issue.  Any news on a 10.12.4 install package?  I never seem to have any luck building vanilla sierra installers.  I like to use yours and customize after installation.  :wink:


CPU = 7700k

Motherboard = MSI z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

Video = EVGA Nvidia 1070

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i am also having the same issue on my asus laptop

specs Intel celeron N2815 (dual core)

4gbs ddr3

500gb hd

and Intel hd 4000 graphics

laptop is asus x551ma

for the keyboard issue for the typing i went to system preferences then keyboard and lowered the delay and key repeat to the middle i have found no fix for the doc or mouse though

but i hope this makes it more "usable" to some degree i hope people find ways to fix this in the near future.

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I have the same problem

Motherboard   Asus H110M-C.  processor Intel I3 7100

When I boot into installed Sierra from Installer USB everything is OK.

But when I boot from HDD this strange problem is raised.


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