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dante0123    4
move nvidia.pkg,audio.pkg

hello all,

my hardware config is 

i3-2100,8gb ram

motherboard gigabyte h61m-s1

 hdd western digital 1tb

i have problem with sierra installation it stop at the end when only a minute was remaining it show error move nvidia.pkg i tried to unselect backup graphics extension then the error it show with audio.pkg then i unselect audio also the error showed now was dart 0.i tried using various boot flags like -f -v graphicsenabler=no npci=0x3000 still it stop at the end of installation trying for weeks searched on google still stuck at this even change my pendrive and bought a new one still the same error.

i had installed yosemite before it was smooth installation though the internet was not working

thank you for helping in advance :)

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dante0123    4

Plzz some1 help would be appreciated really need mac os right now stuck on this error for weeks google alot but still no help :( 

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