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    Hey there, firstly: thx for this great page! Don't really know, if it is the right category, but here is my problem: installed mackintosh zone yosemite on my dell vostro 1520, everything was fine. But when I tried to use the integrated touchpad, it blows my mind. it randomly skips around the display, never giving me the chance of clicking something. using an external mouse, i was able to install, but problem remains. so i tried rehab mans voodoops2 release (installed as in tut). repaired permissions, rebuild cache and restart. suddenly the integrated keyboard and trackpad did not work at all. so i plugged the extern one, wrote the old ps2controller.kext over via kexwizard, rebpair, rebuild, restart but the prob remains. anybody has got an idea how to fix my skippy touchpad? would be great, if needn't to carry a mouse with me all the time.
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    You have problems with graphics card kext. Try install kext bellow, I've compress some kext relate graphics from my Extensions folder. Apple Intel HD3000 Here is my About Mac: https://db.tt/cPrYOVEN
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    Welcome! Maybe this will help. http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/download/4080-intel-hd-3000-vga-1024mb-vram/
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    Thank you! it's works! i've recorded a video, but this not show the issue in chrome, I think that is a subject of the video card. I've installed the video kext AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext but the system show me in about mac intel 2000 hd graphics (you can see that in the video) Thanks you again I update a video (i was recording with mi iphone)
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    check again it doesn't contain any virus
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    File recognized as virus Trojan.dropper.gen
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