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  1. Hackintoshing means installing macOS on non Apple branded computers, One of them is making a Hackintosh is cheaper (Benefits of Hackintosh), buy Hackintosh compatible hardware in Hackintosh Shop How to Hackintosh? There are two methods vanilla installation method & Distro installation method. Vanilla installation method requires a mac or Hackintosh to make the bootable installation media but distro method is easy and works in most of the case and it doesn't require a mac or Hackintosh you can prepare the Installation media from windows easily with few steps Hackintosh Basics What is a Hackintosh Computer Reasons to Switch from Windows to Mac and Why Hackintosh is Better Hackintosh Terms and Definitions Hackintosh BIOS Settings Hackintoshing a Laptop Basic Informations What is UEFI and how it is useful for Hackintoshing Hackintosh Distro method installation Guide How to Install Yosemite on PC How to Install Mavericks on PC How to Install Mountain Lion on PC Hackintosh Vanilla method installation Guide Vanilla Sierra installation method Vanilla EL Capitan installation method Vanilla Yosemite installation method Vanilla Mavericks installation method Debugging Hackintosh Guide to Debugging Your Hackintosh How to Find Hackintosh Internet (Ethernet & WiFi) Drivers + Kexts How to Fix Still Waiting for Root Device in Hackintosh How to fix Hackintosh Grey/Black/White Screen & No Signal Problem in Hackintosh Installation How to fix iMessage issues, and why it occur in the first place Fix The Error BootCacheControl Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 no such file or directory Fix Kernel panic by Apple Intel CPU Power Management kext Fix FakeSMC failed to initialize SMC device Error Fix DSMOS has arrived and waiting for DSMOS Hackintosh Fix deny mach-lookup Sandbox error with Clover Niresh Yosemite AMD Hackintosh Installing Hackintosh Yosemite in Unsupported Intel Processors and Most AMD Processors Choosing a Processors for Your Hackintosh – Intel or AMD Hackintosh Tweaks Softwares to Install After Setting Up Mac Free NTFS Driver for macOS (Open Source) How to Repair Permissions on OS X EL Capitan How to Force Enable TRIM in OSX EL Capitan & Future OS X Force Empty Trash on macOS Enabling Bluetooth Handoff in A Hackintosh Backing up and Restoring your Hackintosh Buy Hackintosh Parts/ Buyer's Guide for Hackintosh Supported Hackintosh WiFi Adapters for Desktops & Laptops Hackintosh Supported, Compatible Bluetooth Adapters: Updated
  2. try to remove the Graphics card & Install then you can insert it later
  3. sierra

    Your processor is not being supported try Clover it patches kernel for CPU
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Working Guide to Repair permissions on macOS Sierra with the help of these tools, here are some alternative ways to repair permissions on Sierra Very detailed guide about the files listed here are listed in the article How to Repair Permissions on Sierra
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Broadcom Lan Controller Beta Driver for Sierra, This may work, may not work, give it a try and report problems in the comments below. Here are the supported IDs 0x165a14e4 0x167a14e4 0x167214e4 0x167b14e4 0x167314e4 0x169114e4 0x169b14e4 0x169314e4 0x171214e4 0x171314e4 0x16b114e4 0x16b514e4 0x16b014e4 0x168214e4 0x168614e4 0x16b414e4 0x168414e4 0x169214e4 0x168414e4 0x16b414e4 0x16b014e4 0x168214e4 0x168614e4
  6. @none20 Thanks for the suggestion to separate WiFi & Ethernet, i will develop that soon but the backup option is already available, they will be automatically put in /Backup folder of root
  7. Sierra dumped many old hackintosh kexts so many ancient parts may not work, you should have posted your lspci -n output here @none20
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hackintosh Network Solution Sierra Edition by Hackintosh Zone Finding WiFi, Lan kexts for your Hackintosh is hard in some case, this solution Auto Install Ethernet & WiFi kexts for most of the Hackintosh Machines including Laptops. but i have already made an All In One Network Solution that worked with Yosemite and prior versions but it may not work with Sierra, i have updated latest Kexts that will work with sierra and removed old kexts The following articles may help you. How To Find Hackintosh Internet (Ethernet & Wifi) Drivers + Kexts Supported Hackintosh Wifi Adapters For Desktops & Laptops Make sure you have installed LSPCI binary before installing this package Remove any custom kexts that you have manually installed, before installing this package. Download LSPCI The Following Network Adapter PCI IDs are Hackintosh Supported but some of them may not work if too old 0x002b168c 0x002d168c 0x002e168c 0x00ba11ab 0x057614e4 0x10261969 0x10298086 0x10318086 0x10328086 0x10338086 0x10348086 0x10358086 0x10368086 0x10378086 0x10388086 0x10398086 0x103a8086 0x103b8086 0x103c8086 0x103d8086 0x103e8086 0x10498086 0x104a8086 0x104b8086 0x104c8086 0x104d8086 0x10508086 0x10518086 0x10528086 0x10538086 0x10548086 0x10558086 0x10568086 0x10578086 0x10598086 0x105e8086 0x105f8086 0x10608086 0x10621969 0x10631969 0x10648086 0x10658086 0x10668086 0x10678086 0x10688086 0x10698086 0x106a8086 0x106b8086 0x10731969 0x107d8086 0x107e8086 0x107f8086 0x10831969 0x108b8086 0x108c8086 0x10901969 0x10911969 0x10918086 0x10928086 0x10938086 0x10948086 0x10958086 0x10968086 0x10988086 0x109a8086 0x10A01969 0x10A11969 0x10a48086 0x10a58086 0x10b98086 0x10ba8086 0x10bb8086 0x10bc8086 0x10bd8086 0x10bf8086 0x10c08086 0x10c28086 0x10c38086 0x10c48086 0x10c58086 0x10cb8086 0x10cc8086 0x10cd8086 0x10ce8086 0x10d38086 0x10d58086 0x10d98086 0x10da8086 0x10de8086 0x10df8086 0x10e58086 0x10ea8086 0x10eb8086 0x10ef8086 0x10f08086 0x10f58086 0x10fe8086 0x12098086 0x12111113 0x12278086 0x12288086 0x12298086 0x13001186 0x15018086 0x15028086 0x15038086 0x150c8086 0x15258086 0x153a8086 0x153b8086 0x15598086 0x155a8086 0x156f8086 0x15708086 0x15D68086 0x15D78086 0x15D88086 0x15E38086 0x15a08086 0x15a18086 0x15a28086 0x15a38086 0x15b78086 0x15b88086 0x15b98086 0x160014e4 0x165a14e4 0x167214e4 0x167314e4 0x167a14e4 0x167b14e4 0x168014e4 0x168114e4 0x168214e4 0x168414e4 0x168614e4 0x169114e4 0x169214e4 0x169314e4 0x169814e4 0x169b14e4 0x16b014e4 0x16b114e4 0x16b414e4 0x16b514e4 0x170010B7 0x171214e4 0x171314e4 0x20601969 0x20621969 0x21001148 0x22001148 0x22498086 0x24598086 0x245d8086 0x294c8086 0x431514e4 0x43201148 0x432011AB 0x432114e4 0x432214e4 0x432914e4 0x432a14e4 0x435011ab 0x435111ab 0x435211ab 0x435311ab 0x435411ab 0x435714e4 0x435814e4 0x435914e4 0x435A11ab 0x436011ab 0x436211ab 0x436311ab 0x436411ab 0x436511ab 0x436a11ab 0x4B011186 0x4C001186 0x81001148 0x813110ec 0x813610ec 0x813910ec 0x816710ec 0x816810ec 0x81681186 0x816910ec 0x82001148 0x90001148 0x91001148 0x92001148 0x9E001148 0x9e001148 0xE0911969 0xE0A11969 0xE0B11969
  9. Version 1.0.0


    LSPCI Binary & DirectHW.kext compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite & macOS Sierra lspci is a command on Unix-like operating systems that prints ("lists") detailed information about all PCI buses and devices in the system. It is based on a common portable library libpci which offers access to the PCI configuration space on a variety of operating systems. more info @ Wiki
  10. VooDooTSCSync LGA2011

    Version 1.0.0


    VoodooTSCSync.kext synchronizes the Time Stamp Counter (TSC) on x86/Intel®64 CPUs. Only necessary for LGA2011 CPUs. Written by Cosmosis Jones. Included files VoodooTSCSync Kext for 4 Core CPU VoodooTSCSync Kext for 6 Core CPU VoodooTSCSync Kext for 8 Core CPU
  11. FakeSMC Stable

    Version 1.0.0


    Try the latest version first if it fails use the stable version FakeSMC is an opensource smc emulator original developed by netkas in 2009. A new branch is maintained by Project OS X. Previous OSX 86 installations used DSMOS hacks, It is the only absolutely mandatory kernel extension in a Hackintosh, and is required for booting the system.
  12. NullCPUPowerManagement

    Version 1.0.0d2


    Disables AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext to prevent kernel panic without proper HPET DSDT edits. Installs NullCPUPowerManagement.kext in /Library/Extensions
  13. Try to move your mouse constantly while Installing
  14. you can use Paragon Partition Manager and Format HFS+ Set AHCI to SATA & try to boot Hackintosh in SafeMode