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  1. Can you attach a picture please?
  2. Are you having this issue before the installation or after the installation or in the installation?
  3. Here is the file 10.12.3 but may not work in the future (Sometimes) | with Firefox it may show error Hackintosh Sierra Zone
  4. Can you attach an image please?
  5. Pre boot mean before booting macOS, while installing is a different term where exactly you're getting this issue?
  6. Is it patched AppleHDA or VoodooHDA?
  7. Try USBBusFix=Yes
  8. I have checked the CPU Details, it support SSE4.1 So Sierra will work but Yosemite will be faster
  9. I have already said this, reboot and try booting from the installed Volume. it should work
  10. Did you install it? try installing by unselecting Backup Graphics Extensions Packages
  11. Where did you enter this? post a link to the screenshot or if possible add a video
  12. There is already a an article to fix Still waiting for root device & still waiting for root device got nothing to do with PS2 Mouse, Boot chameleon with USBBusFix=Yes
  13. You didn't post your hardware specs.
  14. Did you change the SMBIOS?
  15. Probably your BIOS settings for your hackintosh are not correct, apply correct settings with the link