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  1. @hador Please list the hardware as text in post
  2. Open Terminal, run the following commands one by one, Keep me posted sudo rm -rf /System/Library/LaunchAgents/Niresh12495.Volume.iRepairGUI.plist sudo rm -rf /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/Niresh12495.Volume.iRepairCLI.plist
  3. @MichaelB Probably Yes, in my Hack Power supply had a separate output, I'm not an expert just saying my opinion.
  4. Rt ALC888S

    @rocketman57 This may help you
  5. @MichaelB Install Lilu.kext and nVidiaGraphicsFixup.kext Let me know if it works.
  6. Problem to upgrade to 10.13.5

    @virusf Update Lilu.kext, the Upgrade to 10.13.5, this may solve the issue
  7. Guide - Hackintosh Mojave

    @Qwembl Did you try? @ran000 are you using a raid?
  8. Installing Hackintosh

    This is not the full log, you have to save log to an external usb and attach it here
  9. Installing Hackintosh

    Check installer log, if you can find "Hackintosh High SIerra Zone Installer () Finished" line somewhere it means installer completed successfully finished
  10. Do High Sierra Zone Supports AMD FX

    Yes, Download AMD release and probably you don't even have to enter a boot flag
  11. Installing Hackintosh

    Have you tried?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This EFI Folder makes USB bootable in UEFI Mode This EFI Folder has minimal configurations to make macOS Mojave boot in a Hackintosh. More information about Using this file has been posted in Mojave Hackintosh Guide Contains Kexts including: FakeSMC.kext VooDooPS2Controller.kext USBInjectAll.kext Chipset Kexts
  13. Version


    Clover Configurator designed to help you create custom configuration files for the Clover EFI bootloader via a streamlined graphical interface. Change Log: Released Clover Configurator Global Edition Added RenameDevices key in Acpi section - New Acpi patching feature (Clover Rev 4468+) Added new way to make Properties in Devices section (Clover Rev 4466+) Added FixMCFG key in Acpi section (Clover Rev 4460+) Added RtcHibernateAware key to Boot section (Clover Rev 4450+) Moved FixHeaders from Acpi->DSDT->Fixes to Acpi root section (Clover Rev 4427+) Improvements Another fix reported by TheBloke Fixes and Improvements (thanks to TheBloke) Update Sparkle framework to latest version Reverted back to old Sparkle framework Fixed several bugs and Improvements (thanks to trontank) Update Sparkle framework to latest version Update platformdata in SMBIOS section Fixes and Improvements (Thanks to Sander Update Install Drivers section Update Hex converter tool Added Preferences panel Fixes and Improvements Update platformdata in SMBIOS section Added decimal converter in Hex converter tool Fixes and Improvements Added new iMacPro platform data in SMBIOS section Bug fixes Added contextual menu copy-paste from tables (good for multi-window configs) Fixes and Improvements Added HorizontalSyncPulseWidth key and VideoInputSignal key in Graphics->EDID section (Clover Rev 4351+) Fixed bug in Acpi->DSDT->Fixes (Thx to Nired) Fixed crash in mountEFI section for some user Fixed crash in MountEFI section Added TgtBridge key in ACPI->DSDT patches section (Clover Rev 4314+) Fixes and Improvements Added RadeonDeInit key in Graphics section (Clover Rev 4296+) Added repair mode if plist isn’t in the correct format Fixed APFS container in Mount EFI->Partition scheme Added NoDynamicExtract key in Acpi->SSDT section (Clover Rev 4289+) Renamed Fixes keys in according to Clover Rev 4282+ in Acpi->DSDT->Fixes section Added FixMutex key in Acpi->DSDT->Fixes section (Clover Rev 4280+) Added AutoMerge key in Acpi section (Clover Rev 4279+) Added NoOemTableId key in Acpi->SSDT section (Clover Rev 4277+) Added APSN, APLF, PluginType keys in Acpi->SSDT section (Clover Rev 4275+) Added DisableAPSNAPLF key and removed oldway dropMCFG key in Acpi section (Clover Rev 4273+) Added SignatureFixup in Boot section (Clover Rev 4270+) Added KernelXCPM key in Kernel And Kext Patches section (Clover Rev 4250+) Added DropMCFG key in Acpi section Added SavingMode in Cpu section Added HibernationFixup key in Boot section (Clover Rev 4223+) Added ShowOptimus key in GUI section (Clover Rev 4222+) Update platformdata in SMBIOS section Added DSDT fix Darwin as Windows 7 (FixDarwin7_10000) in Acpi section (Clover Rev 4200+) Added IntelMaxValue key in Devices section (Clover Rev 4196+) Added SetIntelMaxBacklight key in Devices section (Clover Rev 4194+) Update platformdata in SMBIOS section Added Autosave File option to Main menu application [Enabled by default] Update and fixed platformdata in SMBIOS section Added new boot-args "-disablegfxfirmware" in boot section Improvements in Arguments->Custom Flags (user input restriction like white space) Update platformdata in SMBIOS section Optimizations Update platformdata in SMBIOS section 4.48.0 Update platformdata in SMBIOS section Added FixHeaders_20000000 key in Acpi section Added new FakeCPUIDs in Kernel And Kext Patches section Improvements in RtVariables section 4.47.1 Fixed crash in SMBIOS section 4.47.0 Replaced Haswell-E key to KernelIvyXCPM in Kernel And Kext Patches section (Clover Rev 4154+) Added AppleIntelCPUPM key in Kernel And Kext Patches section (Clover Rev 4152+) Reworked SMBIOS section, added support for Board Serial Number (13 - 17 pattern), added new SMBIOS Reworked RtVariables section 4.46.0 Added AirportBridgeDeviceName key in Devices section (Clover Rev 4117+) Added FirmwareFeaturesMask key in SMBIOS section Added text to Hex Converter in HEX Converter tool Improvements 4.45.0 Added NvidiaNoEFI key in Graphics section (Clover Rev 4111+) Added new FakeCPUIDs in Kernel And Kext Patches section Added new platformids in Graphics section 4.44.1 Fixed wrong SMBIOS info Added new patches in KextsToPatch->Kernel And Kext Patches section (thnx to redkurn) 4.44.0 Updated SMBIOS info (includes new iMac mid-2017 and new MacBook Pro mid-2017 smbios) 4.43.0 Added BootGraphics section Added FakeCPUIDs in Kernel And Kext Patches section Bug fixes 4.42.1 Fixed wrong info Improvements 4.42.0 Updated EDID injection (Clover Rev 4053+) Added Text Mode in TOOLS Added Add-ons to Main menu application (CloverThemeManager shortcut. Only if Theme Manager is present) Added IONVMeFamily patches (El Capitan, Sierra) in Kernel and Kext Patches->KextsToPatch Added some ig-platform-id in Graphics section Changed scan method for config files Fixed base64 to hex converter in Mountain Lion Fixed mountefi partitions in Mountain Lion Improvements and bug fixes 4.41.1 Several enhancements Optimized memory usage Enabled several drag and drop to sort tables Bug fixes 4.41.0 Added BootPatches in Kernel and Kext Patches (Clover Rev 4020+) Optimizations (Enabled multiple drag and drop reordering in KextsToPatch -> Kernel and Kext Patches section) Bug fixes (thnx to Gengik84) 4.40.2 Bug fixes (thnx to JLamp) 4.40.1 Reordered Fixes elements in Acpi section Solved critical issue in Kernel and Kext Patches section (thnx to Sherlocks) Bug fixes (thnx to Gengik84) Optimizations (now works with unknown keys/values) 4.40.0 Disabled New_Way. Now NewWay always (Clover Rev 4006+) Fixed some mistake in Kernel and Kext Patches and SMBIOS sections (thnx to Sherlocks) Optimizations 4.39.1 Updated SMBIOS info 4.39.0 Added DellSMBIOSPatch key in Kernel and Kext Patches section (Clover Rev 3999+) Optimizations 4.38.2 New EFI mounter system Optimizations 4.38.1 Optimization (thnx to Sherlocks) 4.38.0 Added HWPValue in Cpu section (Clover Rev 3976+) Added list of patches in Acpi->DSDT->Patches and Kernel and Kext Patches->KextToPatch section Added UUID generator and get UUID from system in System Parameters->Custom UUID section Added get UUID volume disk in GUI->Custom Entries->Volume section Some optimization 4.37.0 Added NVRAM section in TOOLS Added base64 to HEX converter in TOOLS Themes downloader was replaced by Themes Editor (Use official app "CloverThemeManagerApp" by blackosx") Added new SMBIOS for MacBook Pro (Late 2016) Some correction 4.36.0 Added TDP key in Cpu section (Clover Rev 3957+) 4.35.0 Added HPWEnable key in Cpu section (Clover Rev 3879+) Added StrictHibernate in Boot section (Clover Rev 3895+) Added DisableASPM key in ACPI section (Clover Rev 3904+) Added NeverDoRecovery key in Boot section (Clover Rev 3908+) Some correction 4.34.0 Added SkipHibernateTimeout key in Boot section (Clover Rev 3850+) Added DisableCloverHotkeys key in Boot section (Clover Rev 3870+) Added new feature "Backup file before saving" (move old file to User Documents folder -> CC/Backups) [Disabled by default] 4.33.0 Added NvidiaWeb key in SystemParameters section (Clover Rev 3733+) Added new EDID customization in Graphics section (Clover Rev 3737+) Added some boot-args in Boot section Fixed black table cell in Sierra OS X 4.32.1 Fixed mount EFI on OS X 10.12 Some correction 4.32.0 Added MatchBuild key -> KextsToPatch in Kernel and Kext Patches section (Clove Rev 3661+) Added KernelToPatch key in Kernel and Kext Patches section (Clove Rev 3661+) 4.31.0 Added MatchOS key -> KextsToPatch in Kernel and Kext Patches section (Clove Rev 3580+) Detected and fixed graphical problems in OS X 10.12 4.30.1 Fixed crash at startup on OS X 10.12 Fixed mount EFI on OS X 10.12 Some correction 4.30.0 Added PBRsata in Boot Section -> Legacy key (Clover Rev 3577+) Added new SMBIOS for iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook NO DEVELOPMENT FOR OS X 10.12 (for now) 4.29.0 Now you can save different config file for different entries (Press "Save As…" and check “Save as different settings”). More info HERE (Clover Rev 3266+) Added Arbitrary key in Devices section (Clover Rev 3262+) Added BootDisplay key in Graphics section (Clover Rev 3399+) Added multiple cards fixed properties in Graphics section (Clover Rev 3456+) Added DisabledAML key in Acpi section (Clover Rev 3519+) Added ExposeSysVariables key in SystemParameters (Clover Rev 3536+) 4.28.0 Added DisableFunctions in Devices section (Clover Rev 3326+) Added TuboDisable in CPU section (Clover Rev 3350+) Added PlatformFeature in SMBIOS section (Clover Rev 3368+) Added UseARTFrequency in CPU section (Clover Rev 3374+) Bug fixes 4.27.1 Improvements and bug fixes Updated Sparkle framework 4.27.0 Added Disabled key in KernelAndKextPatches -> KextsToPatch section (Clover Rev 3328+) Fixed typo in ACPI -> Fixes section 4.26.0 Added Disabled key in ACPI -> DSDT -> Patches section (Clover Rev 3328+) Bug fixes 4.25.0 Added NoEarlyProgress key in Boot section (Clover Rev 3296+) Added QEMU key in CPU section 4.24.0 Added BooterConfig and CsrActiveConfig keys in RtVariable section (Clover Rev 3250+) 4.23.0 Added NvidiaGeneric and NvidiaSingle keys in Graphics section (Clover Rev 3222 - 3224) Added rootless=0 argument in Boot section Some correction in Kernel and Kext Patches section (thnx to Sherlocks) 4.22.12 Improvement Mount EFI partition (no password needed) 4.22.11 Improvements: Added link to website comments
  14. MacOS Mojave is released, it is time to Hackintosh Mojave now even it is on Developer Preview (Like beta release), You can still Hackintosh it and test drive Mojave. Mojave brings dark mode (which is really cool), Stacks, All New Appstore more features to the Mac, Why not try on a Hackintosh? Make sure you Have Mojave Installer Application, it requires a developer ID (Which costs 100$ a year) to download Mojave beta, but you can direct Download Mojave Installer from trusted sources. What do you Need? Mojave Installer (Download MacOS Mojave Installer Application) A USB / Flash Drive Clover EFI Folder for Mojave (Actually it is UEFI folder, Download Clover EFI Folder for Mojave ) Clover Configurator Global Edition What you have to do? Erase USB Make Mojave Installer USB Make USB Bootable Install MacOS Mojave on PC Step 1: Erase USB Plugin USB or Flash drive to your Mac or Hackintosh. Open "Disk Utility" from Launchpad > Utilities. In Disk Utility click on View Icon, Select "Show All Devices". Select your USB from "External" devices (USB External Physical Disk) Erase your USB Name: Mojave Installer Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Scheme: GUID Partition Map Step 2: Make Mojave Installer USB Make sure your Mojave Application name is exactly as "Install macOS 10.14" Open Terminal Type sudo and leave a space Drag and drop createinstallmedia from /Applications/"Install macOS 10.14"/Contents/Resources/ folder Leave a space type --volume /Volumes/"Mojave Installer" press Enter & Follow on-screen instructions. The command will look like the following, or you can easily copy paste from below (--nointeraction is optional) sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 10.14\ --nointeraction --volume /Volumes/"Mojave Installer" Step 3: Make USB Bootable Download Clover Configurator, Update it to the latest version. From Tools section of Clover Configurator, Search for "Mojave Installer" in EFI Partitions, That is the EFI Partition of USB. Mount EFI of USB by selecting "Mount Partition". Copy Extracted EFI folder to EFI Partition of USB. Eject All volumes of USB device. Your Hackintosh Mojave USB is bootable now (UEFI bootable only). Step 4: Install macOS Mojave on PC After Successfully Making Bootable USB of Hackintosh Mojave Restart Computer Press Del (Delete Key) to open BIOS Setting Menu Load Optimized Defaults Set OS Type to Other OS If your system has IO Serial Port/Thunderbolt Port/ Firewire Port, disable it Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled If you have a 6 series or x58 system with AWARD BIOS, disable USB 3.0 If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it If your system has Secure Boot Mode, disable it & delete PK Keys Disable CSM / Compatibility Support Module More Hackintosh Bios Settings After making these BIOS Settings boot from USB In The Clover Menu Select and Boot from Volume "Install macOS 10.14 Beta" After reaching installer, Erase a Volume with Disk Utility as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with the name "Mac", Install macOS in It. Boot using the Same USB, in the clover menu select Installed Volume Mac Install Clover to EFI Partition of Hard disk by repeating Step 3 That's all; You are now with Hackintosh Mojave
  15. Urgent Help Needed

    @moriel5 Installing windows on a pc is the easiest thing ever, reset BIOS insert bootable USB or DVD, partition hard disk install windows.