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  1. restore sierra.pkg

    Usually Restore Sierra package will work properly if you close it and re-open it
  2. Did you try by Install nvidia webdriver
  3. Did you update your nVidia web driver, boot with nv_disable=1 and then update nvidia web driver.
  4. I will update clover and release a new MacPwn version.
  5. error

    Clover will not ignore Kernel Cache, Try to use chameleon as bootloader, to use Chameleon as bootloader Keep pressing Number 2 while booting and also Kernel=amd or Kernel=amd1 is required to boot sierra zone in AMD Machines Let me know if it work
  6. IOGraphics Frame-buffer kext is causing the issue, this is not a MacPwn error, can not be fixed in Public Beta of High Sierra
  7. This is not an issue with MacPwn because in this end it works flawlessly so wait for apple to fix its bugs
  8. Im not understanding your question
  9. This is something out of my hand check your BIOS Settings and try to use a different USB Port, This is not a bug with MacPwn for wait until apple fix its bugs
  10. Remove OsxAptioFix2Drv and replace it with OsxAptioFixDrv, it may solve the issue
  11. The Axe somehow ruins your logo
    Updated to Support High Sierra Public Beta For support visit the forum of MacPwn
  12. Updating your bootloader may solve this issue (Typically replacing boot file in EFI volume or Boot volume with a latest one)