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  1. Clover Configurator

    Credits to macie Donate to him via
  2. GPT issue sierra zone

    The MBR has been patched & tested before the release But always i recommend GTP, once i had my harddisk wiped out by erasing a single volume in MBR scheme to install while trying to install OSX on MBR
  3. Fix hackintosh stuck at language chooser
  4. I would advice you to try Hackintosh Yosemite
  5. Sorry can not help here, Usually If it was a MacBook i would say your laptop is dead, but as this is an HP could be power failure or Bios failure nothing to do with Sierra
  6. Version 1.1.3


    AppleALC is one best solution which is available for Hackintosh to make Audio work easily This package install AppleALC.kext and Lilu.kext, If you already have those kexts it will upgrade the versions. For more information view How to Make Sound Work in Hackintosh Note: VoodooHDA.kext will be removed from extensions folder if exist. Package by Hackintosh Zone AppleALC & Lilu by vit9696 Thanks Hackintosh Community
  7. Can i install mac on my laptop

    Try mavericks or Yosemite zone, thats best for you
  8. GT730 no signal after second boot

    I have written a guide which you may try to resolve your sound problem in hackintosh

    Change your keyboard try a PS2 if possible, if you can edit USB in org.chameleon.boot.plist add a key Timeout with string value 3, so it will auto boot Yosemite zone in 3 seconds <key>Timeout</key> <string>3</string>
  10. USB boots to black screen

    Did you boot in verbose mode? -v ?
  11. Restore Sierra.pkg

    Usually Restore Sierra package will work properly if you close it and re-open it
  12. GT730 no signal after second boot

    Did you try by Install nvidia webdriver
  13. Upgrade Sierra 10.12.6 - GT 710

    Did you update your nVidia web driver, boot with nv_disable=1 and then update nvidia web driver.
  14. I will update clover and release a new MacPwn version.