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  1. @CaelThunderwing Your i5 6th generation can run Sierra & High Sierra Im not sure about the AMD CPUs but High Sierra is pretty good capable of running them (Im not an AMD Expert), but all your CPUs must support SSE4.1 instruction set to run Sierra or High Sierra, otherwise you will end up with a kernel panic. If you have dual graphics cards or chipset in same machine, try Sierra instead of High Sierra. High Sierra for Intel & High Sierra for AMD are separate releases. but you can try the AMD version with Intel machines. Properly setup BIOS before booting your Hackintosh You have to boot from these and post picture of your problem, without a problem i can't debug
  2. @X-troyer You are booting Yosemite Zone in Graphics Mode, You have to boot it in verbose mode to see what is the issue to boot in verbose mode, you have to type -v and press enter in Chameleon boot menu ( In Volume Selection Menu ) Then post a picture
  3. help cant get to install screen

    Yosemite, too bad i haven't released an EL Capitan version @fuzzman20 EL Capitan will work on your PC, try to install it MacPwn after setting up Yosemite
  4. I'm not a professional with DSDT, but this could help you
  5. This is GPU-Z
  6. help cant get to install screen

    @Niresh i think you haven't read the guide properly Sierra & High Sierra requires SSE4.1 instruction set, Your processor doesn't support it, Your pc is incapable of running High Sierra
  7. @kayuz You can always try Sierra
  8. @kayuz Not all pcs are Hackintosh ready hackintosh needs special set of hardware, all you can do is try
  9. @hackingbeuk try username root & password empty (just don't type anything)
  10. Install Fail on Lenovo 500-14IBD

    @lematmathieu Try to change USB Drive
  11. @kenshindp Update Lilu.kext & NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext before updating macOS to 10.12.6 If you don't have them installed, Install them
  12. Here are some configs try them
  13. Help! Name & Password login screen

    What, try root and enter nothing as password This is a bug, you should upgrade macos to fix this issue
  14. Troubles with installation

    This is an issue with volume, Your hard disk must be corrupted there are possible chance as from the log, try installing on a different hard disk. This is not a kernel panic