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  1. OK - Bios update allowed boot with no flags! However, after patching IntelAzulFramebuffer.kext with one that would "supposedly" work, I can't boot... any help with that?
  2. Also, with -v -x -f PCIRootUID=1, I make it as far as "BluetoothHCI" message, and then black screen
  3. When booting in verbose/safe mode, system freezes @ "Still waiting for root device"
  4. Hello, I successfully ran your 10.9.2 install image in safe mode on this build: Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi Intel 4670K / HD4600 GFX (No Discrete GFX Card) I successfully upgraded to 10.9.4, after applying a powermanagement patch specific to this processor, and creating an SSDT using Chameleon Wizard... (Based on Mac Pro 14,2) System was running stable with no bootflags necessary. After an accidental upgrade to 10.9.5, I can no longer boot into the system with safe mode, verbose mode, cache ignored, etc. I am trying to run a 10.9.5 installer, but I get several kernel panics with different flags, most often: BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kextd Also BluetoothHCIControllerTransport message, or DRM Status, etc. I've gone into this installer image and replaced its mach_kernel with yours for haswell processors, still to no avail... Am I missing something? I have never been able to boot in clover, but chameleon is providing me with these errors. Thanks for your time