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  1. HI, this is my first post, am really very thankful to Niresh and his team for presenting us the OS in such a way that it is running on a windows pc efficiently and without much of a problem. To start am trying to build a hackintosh for quaite a long time starting from the snow leopard, the failure rate was always more than success, have tried a lot of distris avaiable on net. I had an AMD setup and after long trying got sucess with running snow leopard on it, with awesome visual quality, then i wanted to upgrade my system so that i can get a better feel of it, and bought crosshair V and a 960t but then i was unable to install the os on this system, then i took one low end intel setup intel e8400 with msi p45 mobo, everything was picture perfect, it worked for me for around 3-4 months then again upgraded to evga x58 sli le mobo and intel 920, it was a beast setup but there was an issue with gpu, and Audio. I bought an external creative x fi sound card, but aftr some time i got maximus IC Gene Z and intel 2600k which is my current setup. Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Intel 2600k [goes to 5.3ghz but not stable] Asus DC CU II Gtx 680 4Gb Kingston Hyper x Blue- 2x 4gb WD Black- 750 gb WD Green- 2TB WD AV GP- 3tb OCZ vertex- 120gb [for windows] SVG Tech HOC 40- cooler Corsair AX 750 6 Thermal take HIgh Airflow fans and NZXT Sentry II to control all of them Cosmos S cabinet. Reason of mention this rig, its not a show off, just to say that its a gaming and over cloking rig, but Niresh Maverick has turned this into a Mac pc.... This time i have the smoothest install of the OS with now hickups, just default options selected while installation and then -v -x while booting and then Multibeast installation for the GPU. and now am playing a few games on it also... Tomb Raider, really supprised with the awesome game play experience, and sound quality, and also downloading Max Payne 3.. so in a nutshell enjoying the os and thansks a lot to the person who has helped me doing this. Now i am again planning to upgrade the GPU, may be from GTX 680 to Asus R9 290, now fingers crossed hoping that i dont have to make a fresh install of OS and the card has got support . thanking you, and sorry for making this lengthy.
  2. hi, this is my frst post here in this forum, today i installed OSX Maverick 10.9.0 on my system, the system specs is: intel i7 2600k asus maximus iv gene z asus dc cu II gts 680 kingston hyperx blue 2 x 4gb 750 gb WD black HD, after successful installation on reboot: first time i got a panic saying system up time in ..... nano seconds, then i used -v and -x while booting and everything worked fine and the the white screen with apple logo appears and stucked, then i restarted the pc and used -v -F and GraphicsEnabler=No thn still the stucked at the same white screen and apple logo... can anyone please suggest wat to do ???

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