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  1. Boot halted at HFS: Unmount initiated

    Hi sorry i know its nothing in response to your querie...its just that i have the same mobo as you but with fx6300 and an r9 290 4gb card and i was wondering if you could tell me the bios settings you changed to get it installed. Im using the files giving on here to install it. Ive booted with the usb stick in the usb 3.0 port. and it brings up thick black frame with a pic in centre and shows two icons one to boot hackintosh zone and the other is bootloader with clover. Selecting the first one changes to a black screen with mac logo then reboots...the second shows a windows logo in a box then gives the normal boot selection with the BOOT: underneath but i cant use the keyboard. if i change in bios from uief and legacy to just legacy...then it just boot straight into the clover loader at the BOOT: then hit enter and it just reboots aswell anyhelp would be appreciated