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  1. Unable to Load Niresh in Virtual Machine

    Thanks, that fixed the issue. But after 20 minutes of use the mouse is now stuck on the upper left corner the keyboard also does not work, how would I fix this?
  2. I am trying to get Niresh to work in Virtual Box and naturally nothing works for me when all the guides online have no issues setting it up... I was able to install it, but as soon as it boots after the install it just hangs at the apple logo and spins forever. I am unable to really read the problem in the-v diagnostics: My Specs are i7-4770k 3.5ghz quad Nvidia GTX 760 16GB Ram Solid State Hardrive 200GB at 500 mb/s write speed Windows 8.1 I tried installing niresh on a dedicated partition and it also got passed the install but once it boots, it just goes to a black screen and my monitor flashes like its in sleep mode.