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  1. Reboots after i try to boot into installer

    are you using ahchi? sometimes this is really important for works.
  2. Reboots after i try to boot into installer

    hey, rememberte this section is for Yosemite version (OSX 10.10) not Mountain Lion (10.8) Use guide for install Yosemite: https://www.hackintosh.computer/42/yosemite-zone-guide/ for install use this boot flag. /amdfx if dont works try with: /amdfx npci=0x2000 and after install, for first boot use: npci=0x2000
  3. Help Please

    guide here https://www.hackintosh.computer/42/yosemite-zone-guide/ maybe you can read rules first :/
  4. hackintosh for my pc

    ofcpurse your PC is ok for this. Visit this link and read step to step. https://www.hackintosh.computer/42/yosemite-zone-guide/
  5. Installation Issues With AMD

    Hi eberbody, I have a problem I used npci=0x2000 fot bootloader and all is ok but I dont know what is user and password some idea for solve it?
  6. ty, this works, but now I can start my SO, On the first boot I tried "-v" and this is result
  7. Hello commuity this is my first time time OS X installation on a laptop. This is my configuration. CPU: Intel Core i7 4500U GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 820M - 2GB RAM: 8GB Model: ASUS X550LD I cant start niresh installer Im using booting with "-v" and the result is.. Some idea?