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  1. How to boot yosemite zone from usb Asus x551m notebook pc?

    any news? i'm trying the same but nothing.
  2. 10.10.1 no amd fx kernal

    i installed 10.10.1 yesterday on my amdfx 4100 use /amd64 and npci=0x3000 should boot up. mine is working flawless system: amd fx 4100 asus M5A78LM_LX 8gb ati HD 6xxx even HDMI video works. use -v (verbose) to know what and when it crash. post a photo or something, i will try to help.
  3. Icloud Error

    that tutorial dont work for me...
  4. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    SAFEEE go and update.
  5. Icloud Error

    problem in the pic attached mavericks HELP!
  6. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    some try if this works on a amd hackintosh please.
  7. Graphics & Audio

    use multibeast then repair permissions witth kext wizzard
  8. How to fix iCloud for hackintosh

    mine says somthing about problem conection with icloud...