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  1. Working INTEL I5 2300

    its been a long journey but finally i manage to get everything working with niresh mavericks 10.9. my specs: Intel i5 2300 2.75 ghz AMD RADEON HD 5570 MB ECS ELITGROUP H16H2 M2 8 GB RAM CORSAIR VENGEANCE The only feature that took me a while to get it work was to find the correct kext for Audio, which in my main board is VIA 1705. When the installation of niresh accomplished, the sound and internet were working great but the graphics resolution was too low. Then i enable the drivers for my graphic card by changing the boot plist file, after the restart the graphics were great but the sound and internet were gone. i used multi beast to find the right kext of my ethernet adapter, but the sound.... oh god the sound, i search thousands of sites everywhere and after a million unsuccessful tries i did found the right for me. my congrats to the niresh, hackintosh, and all the team that make the OSX available for those who don't have apple machines. if anyone needs any information on how to get work niresh on this specs just let me know and i`ll be glad to help. FYI: i`m writing this post from ubuntu 14.04 64 bits running on vmware fusion in mavericks 10.9 host yeah you heard right!!!!! AMAZING