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  1. OS X 10.8.5 in Virtualbox 4.3.12

    Hello all! New here. I've been using Virtualbox 4.3.12 for quite a while now (I use it with GNS3 for network simulations, and haven't upgraded it yet, due to bugs it creates), and while Niresh OS X 10.8.0 and even 10.9.0 work fine in VMs, I am unable to upgrade them to test out the Shellshock patch for bash. I recently downloaded Niresh 10.8.5, but it won't even install. It goes to the gray apple screen, and the little spinnnig bar at the bottom hangs. I can walk away for 30 minutes, and it's still hung. Is there anything special I need to do, to get 10.8.5 installed, or are there unofficial updates for 10.8.0 that will let me upgrade? All of the official patches from apple (10.8.1 -> 10.8.5 ) fail during install. I hope I don't have to update Virtualbox, because like I said, the newest version breaks the functionality in GNS3, and I use those VMs as servers and clients in my test topologies (Cisco, Juniper, and ASA firewalls). Thank you in advance. P.S. Are there plans for a Niresh 10.9.5 Mavericks anytime soon?