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  1. Trying to set up Niresh Yosemite on Asus X55A-RBK4

    I selected the option to inject HD graphics, but nothing happened, cursor is also very buggy and USB slots are not working, I think I will delete this, wanted to give it a try but didn't like this work, going back to vanilla install method.
  2. Trying to set up Niresh Yosemite on Asus X55A-RBK4

    I had success with chameleon, but, I dont have proper resolution, this machine is Intel HD Graphics, how do I enable my native resolution?
  3. Hi there! I'm trying to get the Niresh Distro to work on this laptop (Asus X55A-RBK4). First attempt failed using Clover, I tried using it first since my Bios is UEFI, got a kernel panic at boot screen. Now I'm setting it with Chameleon to see if I get better results, any advice on how to get this working in case Chameleon doesn't works?
  4. New to the forum need help!

    Hello everybody! So I installed Niresh OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox on my Sony Vaio VPCS111FM, so far the results have been amazing! So first off thank you very much Niresh for this amazing work! I have only encountered a few issues, the most annoying one is the Audio which does not seems to be working well. Also, there's a little bit of lag when using the touchpad, and when using Safari there seems to be a problem with the graphics. Last, my wireless card does not work. I humbly ask the good knowledgeable people of this forum for help, I would love to run this as smooth as possible, I tried looking for information on my laptop motherboard but I have had no luck, this are the specs of my machine: Sony Vaio Model VPCS111FM Intel Core i5 M 430 @2.27 GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Wireless Card: Intel Centrino Advanced N 6200 AGN Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD (Device ID 8086-0046) Sound Card: Intel Display Audio/High Definition Audio Device Could anyone help me out on how to fix those problems? Thanks in advance!