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  1. can i have some assistance please.

    Ok first my appolagies turn the fact that I start new threat but I find a solution on my first one.Thanks Here is the problems that I really can't find a solution and with my limited knowledge I tried everything... Graphicsenaber= yes/no chameleon wizard (different combinations) nothing After 3 re - installs here where I stand... First 2 installs system recognise my graphics card and in about this mac shows CPU 3.4 i5 ram and gpu are detected correctly. but on boot in -v i get Warning IOplatformPluginUtil getCPUIDinfo this is an unknown CPU model and when i put the pc to sleep i have to had reset it on wake up because fans are spinning but monitor and keyboard are still at sleep 3 install current - graphic card is detected but with 0 MB memory everything flickers but model is GTX770 this is with Graphicsenabler=yes in about my mac or is detected as Display 7Mb when I use No i can't even put the pc to sleep and same error about my CPU in -v.I Please can someone tell me how to fix this.Thank you
  2. hackintosh kernel error please help

    Hello all i just installed Niresh 10.9.0 but my system goes on kernel error something about No HPETs available. I did try -x -f -v -blacklist GraphicsEnabler=Yes as suggested from searching in Google but same result black screen with the same kernel error. I must admit that is my first time trying to install hackintosh but i was following guide on youtube How to install Niresh mavericks for amd/intel. I'm with i5 3570k and asrock z77 extreme6. I will appriciate any help how to fix the problem. Thank You so much