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  1. Ok, solved the problem: Clover somehow survived the clean install, so I've just change the order of boot devices in BIOS.
  2. Hello everyone! I've successfully installed Yosemite using Chameleon, but I can't boot without hitting enter. Editing HD>Extra>org.chameleon.Boot.plist with Chameleon Wizard change nothing, even if I hide both partitions. Maybe in Niresh's version this file should be edited in the other folder? Thanks for help!
  3. Ok, fixed it by reinstalling Mavericks after Windows 7 installed. But what is the other way to get this screen back and how is it called properly?
  4. Hey everyone, I've just successfully installed Niresh's Mavericks 10.9.0, and after that I installed Windows 7. Then when I boot my system from a hard drive, I get straight to Windows 7. The only way for me to boot Mavericks - is plugging in USB with Mavericks installation image. How do I get this Niresh's OS selector back? I guess that the solution might be very simple, but I'm absolutely new to MAC and especially with Hackintosh. Thanks!