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  1. Hi, i made an hackintosh a couple of yers ago with my old Acer 5742G (i3-380m, 4gb ram, gt540m +HD3000 with optimus, synaptic touchpad and i forgot wifi card producer).. i succeedwd to make it full working in any aspect except the video card. it wasn't possibile to toggle optimus in the bios (even in a modded one), so in the end i gave up. Now i am about to buy a new machine (for work... at around 1000$ budget), still don't know what i will buy, but for sure any notebook with a dedicated gpu as the switching feature on the integrated one. I searched on google but i didn't find any really useful about this question: do we make progression in nvdia optimus compatibility, is there any possible solution (like shutting off the integrated card in the bios.. or anything else) or we are still at a wall talking about notebook hackintosh? of course i need to run my hackintosh on the dedicated vga. can't accept to use only integrated one since i need to use graphic and video editing software. Thanks