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  1. Niresh Mavericks 10.9 Problems with Nvidia GT635m

    Well it is not completely solved.. i have read around the forum about how to change resolution and all that, but i can not seem to get hardware acceleration working on Intel HD 3000.. So i still have a problem that i would like help with.. Should i open a new post with this?
  2. Hello there. This will be my first post. I have been trying to install mavericks on my laptop the last two days.. Finally i found out Niresh mavericks worked if i chose to move Nvidia and intel kexts. Now wifi dont work of cause, but i think i can solve that with an edimax Nano USB. Now comes a problem, i would be happy to get my Nvidia GT635m to work correctly.. About 1 hour ago i tried installing The cuda drivers from Nvidia, and then update directly to 10.9.5 from app store.. Have a feeling that was a baad move, because now my pc starts with a black screen (awesome xD) So now i am reinstalling again, and when it comes up, i will try to install only cuda and then reboot if that helps.. But does anyone have any ideas on how i can solve this? or about what i might be doing wrong.. I am faily new to all this, but i have been searching my ass for on the forum, and can not seem to find a solution. I am open to try and learn something new But system specs are: Intel I5 Nvidia GT 635m Correction, it is a Nvidia GT555m Intel graphics 3000 4GB ram My computer uses CUDA to switch between nvidia and intel graphics (as u might have guessed)... Update: Ok just found out my pc has optimus.. so thats it for my nvidia i guess xD not gonna get that working.. So now i guess i want to get my Intel working