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  1. - CPU ( Intel Core i5 3337u ivyBridge 1.8 turbo to 2.8 Ghz) - Graphic Card by exact name (intel hd 4000) - MotherBoard Chipset (Intel HM 77) - Wlan (Atheros ARBWB222) - Ethernet (Realtek dont know how to find model tho) - Audio Card (Chipset Realtek dont know how to find model tho ) 6gb ram ddr3 1600. 500gb hdd 20gb ssd. acer m5-581t laptop. i cant boot without safemode. once i get into safemode i have fully working graphics and i do almost anything that you are able to do in safemode. im stuck and i cant understand why or what its hanging on in bootup. any help on this would be awsome. also to if i could get some help on how to update to 10.9.5 but keep it working that would be awsome. ill admit im not new but im very rusty. i dont understand all the bootup stuff im sorry about that. i will include photos of whats happening when i do safemode and when i do normal boot. to compare. i have a feeling im missing something in the smbios or the chameleon boot.plist. i will also include photos from those.